Grading & Land Clearing

Prepare your land for construction or landscaping projects with our grading and land clearing service to contour land and clear vegetation from it.

Commercial Sitework

Hire our skilled workforce to prepare the site, foundation work for the construction of commercial buildings like retail centres, industrial complexes, etc. and site development.

Excavation and Demolition

No need to worry about the complex work of digging and removing earth, rock, or other materials from a construction site for tearing down and removing existing structures.

A complete site work solution provider

Get comprehensive service for all our earthwork capabilities

We are a full-service land clearing, grading and demolition service company. You can rely on our years of experience to complete any job efficiently, whether it be grading, installing conduit, junk removal, concrete removal, excavation needs, or concrete services.

At Devine Site Work, we boast about all our site cleanings, grading services and deliver impressive project work for the utmost customer satisfaction. Our site preparation personnel are most skilled and reliable in utilising manpower and resources for assisting small to large- scale construction jobs, whether for landscaping or excavation requirements.

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Our team has worked on a wide variety of projects. We provide our clients with an experienced staff who possesses passion, integrity, knowledge, and professionalism for any project we take on.

Our full-service organisation

We meet demands and exceed expectations with an expert team and advanced fleet of equipment

Full-site preparation and excavation are our core capabilities. Devine Site Work puts emphasis on delivering on-time and accurate service on projects without understated quality. Thanks to our team of specialists and specialised equipment with state-of-the-art technology integration, we can satisfy even the most strict deadlines and specifications. With extensive project involvement experience, our team can work long shifts in multiple environments, from commercial to residential construction site preparation assistance.

Land Clearing

We will take care of removing all existing structures, trees, and roots, to level the land and prepare the site for further development

Sitework & Grading

Whether it’s just levelling the building site or installing a drainage system, we can provide comprehensive site work expertise.


No need to go through the complex process of digging a trench or laying the culvert and its maintenance. Leave all the hassle to our specialised culvert contractors.


Tell us if you have any concrete surface construction or repair, and we can establish all kinds of architectural elements.

Excavation & Demolition

Remove all rocks and earth, and take down obstructive structures on your construction site with our highly-equipped excavation & demolition service.

Lawn & Landscape Design

We offer comprehensive service for designing, installing and maintenance of lawns, gardens and other landscaping requirements.


The systematic process of our land preparation and construction



Everything from the ground up, including trees, underbrush, and rocks, is removed to within three metres of the proposed construction area to prepare a construction site.

Construction site

Undertake the process of compacting soil and other materials to increase construction site density and stability.

Commence construction

Use specialised skills to safely and correctly prepare the site to commence construction work.

your project

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Call Devine Site Work today for all your land clearing, site work, excavation, and concrete structure installation needs. Our highly professional team will ensure your project is completed with a workmanship warranty.

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