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Undertaking a renovation project that involves adding an extension or modifying an existing home often necessitates demolition services and site preparation, critical stages in the construction process.

These initial steps lay the foundation for the upcoming development phases.

For efficient progress, it is crucial to engage reliable demolition services that specialize in complete demolition services, including excavation.


When undertaking a renovation project involving adding an extension or modifying an existing home, demolition services may be necessary.

Demolition and site preparation are critical stages in the construction process and are often the initial steps on a building site.

Depending on the project’s scope, the demolition process can be completed in days or take longer, requiring a labor-intensive procedure.

Skilled trades work carefully to prepare the property for the next stage of development.

Explore our comprehensive demolition services for efficient and thorough solutions in your renovation journey, including complete demolition services.

Demolition may be necessary for various reasons, including health risks, a faulty foundation, blight, or redevelopment.

Therefore, a thorough demolition plan must be created, outlining the many stages involved.

This plan should include the location of the structure to be demolished, distances between the building and its neighboring structures, roadways, and street furniture, the building’s structural support systems, the demolition operation’s precise sequence, and the demolition method to be used, among others.

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Excavator services are particularly crucial for precise and controlled excavation work.

Whether it’s clearing the site, removing debris, or excavating specific areas, relying on specialized excavator services ensures a seamless transition from demolition to the subsequent construction phases.

In summary, a successful renovation project begins with strategic demolition services, encompassing complete demolition services and supported by proficient excavating contractors providing thorough excavation services.

Utilizing specialized excavator services further enhances the efficiency of the site preparation process, laying the groundwork for a successful and timely construction project.


Demolition services play a pivotal role in streamlining the construction process.

Whether it’s a swift operation completed in a matter of days or a more extended, labor-intensive procedure, skilled trades work meticulously to prepare the property for the next stage of development.

When seeking optimal results, it’s essential to collaborate with excavating contractors who offer comprehensive excavation services.

These professionals are equipped with the expertise and machinery, such as excavators, to handle various aspects of site preparation efficiently.

Land Clearing

We will take care of removing all existing structures, trees, and roots, to level the land and prepare the site for further development


Tell us if you have any concrete surface construction or repair, and we can establish all kinds of architectural elements.

Sitework & Grading

Whether it’s just levelling the building site or installing a drainage system, we can provide comprehensive site work expertise.

Excavation & Demolition

Remove all rocks and earth, and take down obstructive structures on your construction site with our highly-equipped excavation & demolition service.
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No need to go through the complex process of digging a trench or laying the culvert and its maintenance. Leave all the hassle to our specialised culvert contractors.

Lawn & Landscape Design

We offer comprehensive service for designing, installing and maintenance of lawns, gardens and other landscaping requirements.

Full demolition is typically a swift process, often outsourced to a specialized contractor by the builder.

In contrast, partial demolition, essential for creating space for future extensions, may demand more time. Skilled tradespeople, such as carpenters, play a pivotal role, organized and managed directly by the builder.

Additional tasks related to site preparation, crucial before advancing to the next stage, may also be necessary.

The builder or their supervisor orchestrates on-site coordination, involving carpenters, concreters, and specialized demolition contractors.

To ensure precision in planning, a surveyor might be enlisted to establish boundaries and gather crucial information for the plot of land and residence.

Our commitment to delivering efficient and complete demolition services is evident in every stage of this intricate process

Demolition methods for buildings and other structures can be either non-explosive or explosive. Non-explosive demolition involves the use of equipment such as sledgehammers, excavators, bulldozers, wrecking balls, and high-reach excavators. Explosive demolition, also known as implosion, involves the use of explosives to demolish a building. The primary supports of the building, such as columns, beams, and slabs, are attached using explosives, and when these explosives are triggered, the column and the structure collapse.

In conclusion, the demolition and site preparation stages of a construction project are critical and require careful planning and execution. At Devine Site Work, we ensure that all necessary safety protocols are in place to ensure that your home or commercial demolition goes off without a hitch. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to complete the task quickly and affordably, using the latest technology and engineering methods to minimize disruption and ensure safety. With our team of professional architects, planners, and interior designers, we provide maximum visibility and respect for the environment throughout the demolition process in Fort Myers.