Site preparation is a critical process that lays the groundwork for all subsequent construction activities. It ensures that a construction site is safe, secure, and adequately equipped to support the project’s successful development. As a leading excavation company in Fort Myers, Devine Site Work specializes in providing high-quality site preparation and excavating services in Cape Coral.

Site preparation, also known as site prep, is the process of conditioning and preparing a construction site after the project’s design but before it is built. This phase includes various tasks that guarantee a solid foundation and ensure that the site conditions are favorable for the project’s successful development. Site preparation is crucial for any contractor, engineer, or builder as it can influence the success or failure of a construction project and the safety of workers.

Land Clearing

We will take care of removing all existing structures, trees, and roots, to level the land and prepare the site for further development


Tell us if you have any concrete surface construction or repair, and we can establish all kinds of architectural elements.

Sitework & Grading

Whether it’s just levelling the building site or installing a drainage system, we can provide comprehensive site work expertise.

Excavation & Demolition

Remove all rocks and earth, and take down obstructive structures on your construction site with our highly-equipped excavation & demolition service.
landscaping cape coral


No need to go through the complex process of digging a trench or laying the culvert and its maintenance. Leave all the hassle to our specialised culvert contractors.

Lawn & Landscape Design

We offer comprehensive service for designing, installing and maintenance of lawns, gardens and other landscaping requirements.

At Devine Site Work, we understand the importance of proper site preparation and land clearing and have a team of experienced professionals to handle all aspects of the process. We follow a systematic approach that includes five significant steps in excavation site work.

  • The first step is site surveying, where a surveyor visits the site to ensure that it is in the correct place and within the restrictions and boundaries that the site is meant to be inside. They install markings across the area to ensure the developers know the perimeter.
  • The second step is site clearing, where the ground is properly removed and leveled. This involves clearing any trees and their roots in the path, removing any objects or structures within the ground, and any buildings or obstructions that may be present.
  • The third step is soil testing, which determines the soil’s prospective structural integrity to support the buildings that will eventually be built on it. It also assesses how well the soil absorbs water to determine the likelihood of flooding.
  • The fourth step is geotechnical site investigation, where investigators check the rock composition and the groundwater conditions of the site. This is crucial for understanding how to construct a foundation for structures that will sit on the surface.
  • The final step is site plan design, where all information about the site is compiled, such as where buildings will be built, where access roads for construction trucks will be created, where supplies will be stored for easy access, and where drainage and septic systems will be built.

Once the site is suitable for construction, the foundation area can be excavated. Devine Site Work has the necessary expertise and equipment to handle all excavation work in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

Our excavation services cover a comprehensive range of excavation site preparation services and serve commercial, industrial, and municipal clients in Florida. We understand the complexities of providing engineers, inspectors, consultants, and contractors with up-close and personal access to a project and are well-prepared to meet those demands within the deadline and budget constraints.

At Devine Site Work, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services at a price range that fits their budget. Contact us today, and our team of professionals will be happy to assist you with your site preparation and excavation needs.